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Kendall Partners did an Excellent Job in selling my home. They were very Professional, Extremely Patient, and Addressed all my questions. Iconic!!

Frenchee Liddell
Frenchee Liddell April 26, 2024

Kendall Partners are the best people to work with! They are so prompt and keep you updated on progress of your sale/closing! They saved me from losing my home and getting nothing! I highly recommend them and feel like they are family!

Karla Turska
Karla Turska March 1, 2024

Kendall Partners helped me tremendously by buying a home that I could no longer afford, needed repairs & still had a big mortgage on it. From the initial call with me inquiring about the company to the closing, everything was very professional, straightforward, & smooth. After accepting their offer, everything moved VERY quickly but still VERY smoothly. I had 1 hiccup & it was an issue on my end. Kendall Partners graciously worked with me so the closing could still occur at the scheduled time. When they say it's an easy & smooth process, it is real! I kept anticipating a call with them asking for money or something but it never happened. I very beyond thankful for the commercial that I saw @ 5 a.m. & that I didn't allow my experiences with other companies with the same pitch deter me from making the call. Thank you Kendall Partners! 😊

T Thomas
T Thomas February 21, 2024

Kendall Parnters was a great help when my aunts house needed to be sold. It was a trouble free process. The group kept us informed from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this group if you are in need of a quick painless sale of your property. Thank you to everyone who interacted with my aunt and being so caring.

Susan Ekx
Susan Ekx January 30, 2024

Very professional and helpful. If you are looking to sell your house, you can trust these guys.

Kapil Singla
Kapil Singla January 19, 2024

Jeff is such a man of his word. Working with him was such a pleasure

joseph carlsen
joseph carlsen January 18, 2024

These guys are very professional and know their stuff. I would trust them with my business any day.

Zach Cook
Zach Cook January 17, 2024

Great working with Jeff, he’s is a true professional in his business, the of the best in the real estate investing space.

Casey Gregersen
Casey Gregersen January 16, 2024

The team has been both helpful and honest!

Harrison Busbee
Harrison Busbee January 15, 2024

I had a very good experience selling my house to Kendall Partners. They were very nice people and were easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home.

Candace Kubicek
Candace Kubicek January 3, 2024

I am totally impressed with their organization. Everyone was very friendly and fair. At first I was skeptical but there were no glitches and the entire process went better than I expected. It was quite apparent to me that their employees have great integrity and character. This is truly a top notch organization that I would recommend to anyone wanting to sell their home.

Fred Buss
Fred Buss December 15, 2023

This is the type of company you want to do business with. Driven by values of honesty and integrity to not only grow its business, but help others as well.

Zoran Stanoev
Zoran Stanoev December 12, 2023

Working together has been an absolute pleasure, and their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence has made a significant impact on our projects. Their team's communication is exceptional, ensuring seamless coordination and a shared understanding of our collective goals.

Cate Bender
Cate Bender December 12, 2023

I have recently done business with Kendall Partners and I can say that they are all down to earth, honest and great guys to do business with. I would highly recommend working with them if you have a house that you need to unload quickly and stress free. Good luck!

Roger Keys
Roger Keys December 12, 2023

This is a wonderful group of people. It makes sense why they would have so many 5 star reviews. The team provides hope and they value integrity.

Tori Doede
Tori Doede December 12, 2023

It sure was easy and a lot less stressful going through Kendall Partners,I remember my last two houses before this one sure added alot more stress for I don't think very much more money ,if any,and I didn't know about Kendall Partners then

Mike Williams
Mike Williams December 8, 2023

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